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Accelerated Resilience!
When COVID-19 cutbacks threaten Team Culture and Customer Value

The hidden impact of pandemic cutbacks! I am now applying my core service -- Accelerated Resilience -- to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 cutbacks on team culture and customer value. Modeled after the on-site management advising and coaching I have been providing for the past 20+ years to educational institutions, nonprofit organizations and public agencies, the Accelerated Resilience process is now formatted to accommodate remote workplace collaboration.

What is it? Accelerated Resilience is an organizational development process that I can target specifically to strengthen the motivation and energy of management teams in the face of financial, operational, programmatic and workforce cutbacks due to the pandemic. A suite of interpersonal exercises for individuals and small groups engages your management teams to generate creative ideas that will achieve spirited workforce performance, quality interpersonal relationships, and greater customer value, even in the face of frightful uncertainty in what the future holds, and daunting constraints in finances, resources, operations, and personnel. This is a perfect approach for strategic planning during the current pandemic crisis and shaping scenarios for a future (but as yet unknown) post-pandemic new normal.

How does it work? Conducted via one-on-one and small group video calls (Zoom meetings), coupled with a shared work platform (Google Docs), Accelerated Resilience is a facilitated top-down, bottom-up collaboration between and among members of your leadership teams. It starts with the vision of the top executive (L1) and his/her direct reports (L2), and (depending on the situation) draws out knowledge and wisdom embedded in down-line departmental managers, assistant managers, and supervisors (L3/L4/L5). The service is ideal for organizations with a leadership structure of between 12 and 50 managers in total.

What results does it produce? Accelerated Resilience helps leadership team members individually and collectively identify and express the natural underlying "passion to make a difference" that motivates them to work in education, nonprofit and/or public sector fields. Once that professional passion is revealed, silos naturally start to break down and cooperative communication naturally rises. Heightened mutual understanding and respect begins to emerge within the team which, in turn, motivates greater professional vitality. Accelerated Resilience leverages that enthusiasm and energy on developing specific creative and innovative strategic solutions that the team can work on together in meeting the challenges of the current situation. This is the foundation for a more resourceful and productive ongoing culture of excellence and exemplary customer service.

Where to start. Contact me (see below) for an initial conversation about your situation. We'll sort out the root issues that need to be addressed and determine together if an Accelerated Resilience process is the appropriate approach. We'll review what you need to get started and what logistical and financial requirements are necessary to sponsor a successful Accelerated Resilience process for your institution, organization or agency!